A ghost? A prankster? Either way, it's creepy!

A paranormal entity or a psychotic weirdo trying to send people to a madhouse?

This creepy video cannot really be described, as we have no idea what’s going an – all we know is the people in the car are seriously scared of this entity standing in front of them.

Apparently what they are saying is: “Move the car backwards,” and “Faster! Faster!” in Arabic. This video is also said to be taking place in England, as people are speculating that this might be the ‘Blackburn Ghost’ – a ghost of a monk who was murdered there 372 years ago this month.

Others are saying this video was filmed in Pakistan, and the entity in front of the car is a jinn – a belief in the Muslim faith. Apparently this is also why the car can’t escape, because the entity is appearing at the back every time the car is trying to reverse, which keeps the people from getting away.

A third probability might be that this is a huge prank, and the entity in front of the car is just a psychotic weirdo having a laugh.