Abusive Uber rider goes viral

Uber drivers hear and see it all from their passengers but this particular rider takes the cake!


We’re pretty sure that being the driver of an Uber vehicle comes with all sorts of strange situations that test one’s tolerance.

Drunk passengers, rude or offensive riders and abusive customers are sadly inevitable when you consider the large network of people using the ride hailing app around the world.

Happy driver, happy rider

Since becoming a regular Uber user about 8 months ago I can’t say that I’ve ever come across a driver that wasn’t of top-class assistance with getting me from A to B. Most of them have been some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’ve requested those same drivers on several occasions.

However in the USA an Uber rider who was filmed shouting all sorts of profanities and abuse at his driver clearly had it in for the guy.

The recent incident has since gone viral causing a strong reaction from the public across all social media platforms:

Comments via Youtube

Uberman- “Arthur, I’m sorry they acted this way. Spoiled, over-privileged, under-parented filth.”

Jake Cade: “Entitled piece of shit. Here’s the truth, Jake Croman never did anything. He works for his daddy. On his own, he couldn’t get hired by Uber, because on his own he has NOTHING! He’s worthless.”

so69cal: “what a disgrace, this is not what being in a fraternity is all about… shame, i hope they kick him out of the system.”

sammni: “This is a great example of university privilege versus the real world of working hard for a living. PATHETIC.”

Igloodweller: “I can’t believe there are people who think they can speak to anyone like that.”

Abusive drivers and riders?

However, Buzzfeed reported that the man shouting offenses at the Uber driver had said:

“This video shows one side of an argument I had with an Uber driver two weeks ago after he refused to pick me up on the basis of my religion. What you don’t see in the video is that the driver had made a number of offensive anti-Semitic remarks that provoked my response. I am not proud of my reaction to his discrimination and I regret my choice of words. Shortly after the verbal altercation, I filed a complaint with the Ann Arbor Police Department and they are now dealing with the issue.” Buzzfeed

Video via Youtube