Baby elephant killed by a speeding motorist - please help find the motorist!

Unfortunately the baby elephant did not survive

This video shows the horrifically sad footage of a herd of elephants trying to save a baby elephant that had just been run over by a speeding motorist in the Hwangwe National Park.

Unfortunately due to serious injuries the elephant had to be put down. Bryanston resident and e-block watch founder, Andre Snyman, has taken to social media pleading to all South Africans to help find a motorist who ran over a baby elephant.

The video angered many Facebook users who called for the motorist to be held responsible.

One Facebook user commented, “I can’t watch this video, this makes me so upset and raging mad. I cannot for the life of me understand why someone would visit a game park and then drive with excessive speed… Game viewing is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable event done very casually and slowly, why drive fast?”

Another had this to say, “I cannot watch the mother’s pain. She wants so much for that baby to just get up. I hope that person who did this doesn’t sleep at night. So cruel.”

If you are visiting any game reserve, we urge you to drive slowly and follow the rules of driving on a safari for the safety of you and the animals.