Behind the scenes: Ferrari California T-Deserto Rosso

We’re loving this short epic video ‘Deserto Rosso’ showcasing the Ferrari California T as it travels through the Arabian desert.

Ferrari Middle East and Africa’s video shows behind the scenes footage of the making of the California T ‘Deserto Rosso’.

Using a beautiful contrast between its classic features and performance in the Arabian desert the Ferrari California T will take your breath away in this awesome video!

If you’re a Ferrari lover, this is a party you’d probably want to have attended!

The red desert, Deserto Rosso

The phrase ‘Deserto Rosso’ is Italian for ‘Red Desert‘, appropriately chosen for this iconic vehicle in a video to pay tribute to the Arabian desert.

Arabia’s Purest Expression Of Automotive Luxury

“Owning a California T is an exclusive prestige afforded to the very few, and handling this Grand Tourer as the red sun sets over the horizon is surely one of the most rare and purest expressions of luxury money can buy”.

Breathtaking desert roads

A product of the Ferrari lineage, the Ferrari California T dates from the 50s and optimises  supreme elegance and style.

Watch as it glides through the twisty roads and deep red sunset of the Arabian desert to this exclusive Ferrari soundtrack (which we love!)

Perfection as always from Ferrari.

Video via Youtube