SHOCKING! Bikers attacking a petrol attendant caught on camera

Police are investigating a case of assault after the attack

eMalahleni police are investigating what appears to be a racially-fuelled attack after a petrol attendant at an Engen garage in Del Judor was attacked by a group bikers.

The petrol attendant said the altercation started outside at the pumps when two men on a motorcycle asked for petrol. “One of them was smoking and I asked him to move away from the pumps.

“After a while I asked them to move to another pump as the one they were waiting in front of didn’t have the grade they were looking for,” he said.

It was at this point that the customer got angry and started swearing at the attendant. “He called me a k***r and a monkey.”

The bikers then made phone calls after which a Black Uno and blue Golf each carrying four people arrived at the garage.

Another petrol attendant pulled the assaulted into the store to get him away from the situation. In a video snippet from the shop’s security cameras three men are seen following them into the shop and moving behind the teller. The confrontation soon escalates and fists are thrown at the assaulted. The assault continued outside the shop and was eventually broken up by police