Businessman kidnapped in broad daylight in Mozambique

Caught on camera

This is so terrifying!

A man known only as Arquiissandas, is seen driving in to his gated house in the coastal town of Triunfo, Maputo, on a security camera. Four people are seen running towards the gate as it closes, as another car pulls up outside. They drag the businessmen out of the driveway and bundle him into the car.

The victim is the owner of the Hariche Group, one of the 10 largest companies on Mozambique.

According to All Africa, there have been a string of abductions, usually businessmen of Asian origin, since 2011. The family have released the footage in the hope of identifying the captors.

In October, three other businessmen were kidnapped in Maputo. One of them, who owns a bottle store in the plush neighbourhood of Polana, has been in the hands of his kidnappers for more than 40 days.

Source: AllAfrica