Car thief's phone call has everyone questioning the English language

There’s nothing funny about a stolen car…except for this guy’s phone call!

After stealing a BMW i3 (bruv), a car thief from North London didn’t realise that a dash cam had been recording his sales pitch (innit?)

In addition to the dash cam the car had been fitted with a GPS tracker and according to IOL the owner of the car simply went and collected the car himself the next day.

The video has had over 116 000 views  but what’s almost as funny as the thief’s motivating phone call is the string of Youtube comments that followed:

“it’s funny but also sad how removed from clarity he is. I often forget how privileged a mind I have. It’s a propah philosophical conundrum, mate.”
“He’s right those things have the 0-30Mph time of a supercar! How the hell did this dimwit manage to steal it anyway?”
“Tim Westwood auditioning for Top gear”
“Danny Dyer’s career seems to have gone downhill”
“this has gotta be a wind up, no one exists who talks like that do they?”
Video via Youtube