Clarkson folding a box is more popular than new Top Gear series

According to fans, this is better than the new Top Gear.

A video of Jeremy Clarkson attempting a DHL box challenge is “more interesting than the new Top Gear,” according to fans.

This after the second episode of the new Top Gear saw a huge drop in audience, falling from 4.8-million viewers for the first episode to 2.8-million in the last episode.

The video, which was posted three days ago (6 June 2016), has had over 1-million Youtube views since being posted.

It’s a 3 minutes and 22 seconds clip of nothing but Clarkson repeatedly failing to fold a box, while Hammond and May chirp from the sidelines, so you wouldn’t expect anything mind-blowing.

The Youtube comments pretty much sum up what a lot of fans are thinking:

Would rather watch this than new top gear…
id rather watch this on youtube then watch the new top gear on bbc
amazing how 3 minutes of this was more entertaining than one episode of top gear. couldn’t even watch the second one.
That box is funnier than Matt LeBlanc.
Source: Youtube