The dangers of taking a selfie in the car demonstrated by Ford

The car-selfie might be the last one you snap

Do you take selfies while driving? Do you know how dangerous it is? Selfies prove to be a very big problem, especially with young drivers – and that is why Ford hosts the Ford Driving Skills for Life to help young drivers understand the risks they take when they use their phones while driving or drive under the influence.

Earlier in August 2014 Ford Driving Skills for Life (a safety campaigh) research found that one in three young British drivers had taken a ‘selfie’ while driving and that one in four had visited or posted an update on social media sites.

To demonstrate the dangers that lurk behind the trend of using a smartphone behind the wheel and drinking and driving, Ford Driving Skills for life made a series of videos.

A Ford media release said: “It highlights some of the dangers to which, as new drivers, they are exposed – and how they can be minimised. The dangers include using a cellphone while driving, managing emergencies and night and wet-weather driving.”

Check out one of the videos from the Ford Driving Skills for Life campaign called The Killer Selfie: A Tragic Love Story.