Datsun Go fails crash test - which means it's rather unsafe!

If you’re going to buy a Datsun Go, just make sure you’re never involved in an accident.

Last month the Datsun Go hit South African showrooms and despite being one of the top selling cars of October 2014, the Go is also presumed to be one of the unsafest small cars as it received an adult occupant rating of zero stars in the safety crash test done by Global NCAP’s new Indian division.

Upon the launch of the Datsun Go, this car fell on some criticism for not offering basic safety features like airbags. However, from this crash test footage it appears that airbags might not help much anyway.

In a recent crash test conducted by Global NCAP’s new Indian division, the Go’s structure collapsed during the 64km/h frontal offset test.

According to Bharat NCAP, the crash test dummy’s readings “indicated a high probability of life-threatening injuries.” While the lack of airbags ensured that the driver’s head hit the steering wheel and dashboard, even having them on board might not have made much of a difference as the organisation also remarked that “the failure of the body shell makes fitting an airbag redundant.”

(Source: IOL News)