Debonairs to take legal action against racist motorist

The delivery driver was thankfully unharmed

You might have come across the video of the PE driver who knocked over a pizza delivery man last Monday.

Aggressive drivers aren’t uncommon in South Africa but this driver took it one step further and filmed the moments leading up to his malicious attempt to knock over the motorcyclist.

The video  has since gone viral and shows various racial remarks towards the motorcyclist such as, “because k***rs thinks this is the university grounds“.

The owner of Debonairs told Times Live that he planned to open a case against the driver who knocked over one of his delivery men.

The delivery driver was unharmed but the Debonairs’ operations manager has opened a case with the police despite it being reported as a minor incident.

Other reports mentioned that the delivery driver cried when he watched the video. He also told the Rand Daily Mail that he’d like to tell that driver that, “what he did was not right.”


Video via Youtube