Driving Stereotypes - Which one are you?

I’m sure we all know a ‘Mr He Lives In His Car’ haha!

Check out this vid of all the various driving stereotypes! I’m sure everyone knows a ‘Mr He Lives In His Car’ and ‘The Black Hole’ haha.

The list of stereotypes include:

“The Wing-Man”

“Mr He Lives In His Car”

“The Dog Lady”

“Girl Jams”

“The Black Hole”

“That Girl”

“The Indecisive Stopper”

“The Racer”

“The Rage Monster”

“Bumper Sticker Steve”

“The Mom Arm”

“The Parking Police Man”

“Leaves It In Drive Larry”

“The Backseat Driver”

“The Handicapped Guy”

“The Dad Inspector”