WATCH: Quick-thinking saves man and his family from attempted hijacking



CCTV footage of an attempted hijacking outside a man’s house has gone viral since being posted to Youtube on Monday (30 January 2017).

The video shows in detail various angles from which the hijackers approached the victim’s driveway. A security guard approaches the suspect’s vehicle. One of the hijackers can then be seen jumping out of their car, drawing a firearm and ordering the security guard to ‘get down!’

“Thank God the guard stopped them, they could’ve come inside with my daughter’s and my baby,” says the victim.

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The suspect then runs towards the owner of the house, but doesn’t expect the owner to fire back from next to his car.

The victim then fires two shots in the direction of the armed-suspect who manages to escape. One shot hits the suspect’s vehicle.

Source: Youtube & Police Pics and Clips