This female JMPD officer puts this guy in his place!

The woman officer handles the man’s rudeness quite well!

On 28 August 2015 – this JMPD officer pulls over a man for skipping a red light. The woman officer handles the man’s rudeness quite well!

This happened around 08:45AM at the intersection of Bram Fischer Drive and Jan Smuts Ave last Friday. ‘Clive Naidoo’ was pulled over by a polite female JMPD officer.

He then proceeded to tell the officer that, “She worked for him because he paid her salary with his taxes.” After which she rightly put him in his place – responding by saying that she also pays taxes -asking, “So do I pay my own salary?”

At no point did he even attempt to apologise about the fact that he was the one who had broken traffic laws and that she was just trying to do her job.

The man then proceeded to hurry her, saying that he had a meeting to get to. She responded by taking her her time when writing out the ticket! I think he more than deserved the timely manner in which she performed her job.

When she realises she’s being filmed, she isn’t afraid or worried about it. She says she’s proud and that her father will be proud to see her in a video!

I’m not sure exactly what this, ‘Clive Naidoo’ was trying to illustrate with this video. He comes across as completely condescending and rude, in my opinion and the JMPD officer handles him perfectly!