Just how dangerous is social media for your kids?

Don’t let your child become a statistic

This isn’t exactly car related but we wanted parents to know the dangers of social media nonetheless. We were always taught to never speak to strangers and under no circumstance were you to get in to a car with a stranger. When I was growing up, those were the biggest rules, and it was easy enough for my parents to enforce. But these days, social media makes it far harder.

I think what some parents might not realise is that platforms like Facebook are the easiest ways for peadophiles to get in touch with your kids. Have you had the ‘stay safe online’ chat with your children? If you watch this video, you certainly won’t waste any time having that chat.

YouTuber Coby Persin creates a social experiment whereby he showcases just how dangerous (and easy) it can be to ‘friend’ teenage girls and convince them to not only meet up but to get in to an unknown car.

Watch the video and take note of these tips from a spokesperson from the Anchorage Police Department in Alaska after two girls were kidnapped in the North Pole about a month ago.

“Parents should prepare for the worst case scenario!”

“I cannot stress the importance of telling your children to never get close enough to a person’s vehicle to get pulled in,” said Shell.

She says an abductor might ask for directions, or help finding a lost pet, to lure a child in close to them. And if someone just grabs your child, they should fight back, and try to get away, explained Shell.

“If they manage to get you into the trunk of a vehicle, try to break free, either breaking the lens out and putting your hand outside of the trunk so that the other motorists can see you and call police, or if you’re not able to do that, just pulling on wires so the lights will not operate properly and may cause a stop from police,” said Shell.

Here is another video of a father speaking out after he caught a 27-year old man trying to lure his 12-year old daughter in to his car.