'Into the Light': the Lexus LC 500 short film

Find out how filmmakers put together the all-new Lexus LC 500 film.

Lexus is celebrating the coupe design and engineering of the LC 500 in a short film that shows off the coupe’s refined driving experience.

The video was released on YouTube last week (22 June 2016) together with a supporting feature on how the movie was made.

As the new Lexus LC 500 accelerates and passes through a twisting mountain road its thrilling engine note shatters the rockface to reveal a battery of pounding pistons and spinning gears.

“It’s an amazing spectacle to herald the arrival of Lexus’s flagship coupe, the result of a groundbreaking film-making project that has shunned CGI trickery in favour of real-world projection mapping artistry on an unprecedented scale,” says Spokesperson for Lexus.

The film was shot in a remote area of Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountain range by leading motion designer, Edgar Davey and a team from projection mapping specialists QED Productions, led by Paul Whigfield. The filming required a team of 20 on location, equipped with four of the brightest projectors in the world, while they had only three nights to translate Davey’s visuals into finished footage.

“I don’t think this would have been possible a year or two ago, it just wouldn’t have been a practical proposition. It would have been easy to try and fake something like this, but to do it for real is such an incredible challenge,”  says Davey.

He also mentioned that nothing like this had been done before and that although it was a challenging event just to think about, the results paid off.

Watch the video below to see the making of ‘Into the Light’:

Video via Youtube 

Source: Toyota South Africa Motors