Limpopo man's homemade car to hit the road

This man built his own car from his back yard in Limpopo. Using bits and pieces from previously owned cars, he hope to get his homemade car on the road.

Homemade: What does it take to build your own car?

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Moses Ngobeni’s attempt at building his own car from his back yard has hit social media and we can’t say we’re not impressed!

What did it take?

It’s not quite yet finished but a substantial amount of money has been spent on his creation: R18 000 to import his Nissan skyline tail-lights, R4 400 on side mirrors and sound proofing material, according to the Sowetan Live

Homemade speed?

His proud creation reaches a speed of up to 250 km/hour thanks to the 2 litre engine he stripped from a BMW.

Check out the video to see more.

Source: Youtube