Man shoots hijackers who storm in to his garage

This did not occur in JHB as initially thought, but rather in Brazil

A video recently surfaced showing a silver car driving in to a garage when alleged hijackers storm in. The driver jumps out of his car and shoots at them. It was thought that this occurred in Johannesburg but it has since come to light that it in fact happened in Brazil. Either way, us South Africans can certainly relate.

This from the  Rosebank Killarney Gazette:

The Rosebank Killarney Gazette has learnt that the video below was in fact taken in Brazil.

According to LiveLeaks.com an off-duty police officer had just arrived home when three suspects forced their way through the garage door.

Despite  the reports received, which lead the Gazette to believe the incident had occurred in Johannesburg, the Gazette can now confirm the video was not in fact related to South Africa in any way.

Initial report:

EBlockwatch founder and Bryanston resident Andre Snyman recently released a video detailing an attempted robbery which was foiled after the victims fought back.

The video, which surfaced on 20 May, shows a silver Toyota driving into a garage. As the garage doors close, three suspects sneak into the garage. One of the suspects makes his way to the passenger’s door, but is shot by the car’s occupant before the would-be thieves make their getaway.

Snyman said the resident who sent the video and the exact location of the attempted robbery have been excluded as the resident would like to remain anonymous.