You must watch the "Bohemian Carsody" by SketchShe

Hot or not?

Before watching this video we had also never heard of ‘SketchShe’ before, and it seems that no-one really had… until now. They describe themselves as a ‘female comedy trio bringing you a mixed bag of characters and chaos.’

This video of the ‘comedy trio’ acting out to one of Queen’s biggest hits, Bohemian Rhapsody, has taken the world by storm getting more than 3 million views practically overnight.

However, that might not necessarily be because the video is insanely brilliant, a lot of people are seeing it as a disgrace to Queen’s legacy, and there’s also mixed feedback from different sexes (one can only wonder why). But, regardless of people’s opinions, the ‘Bohemian Carsody’ made them famous overnight without really having to do anything. What do you think about it?