Reporter gets hit by Stop sign and someone put music to it

This is the funniest thing you will see all year!

This will make your day!!!!!!!

Terese Mannion, what a champion! She braved the stormy conditions in a special report on the torrential downpour in Galway’s Salthill as part of Storm Desmond. She advises viewers to not make unnecessary journeys or take risks on treacherous roads, and of course to not swim in the sea!

But then a Stop Sign comes flying out of nowhere and knocks straight in to Mannion, sending her flying off screen! Thankfully she is ok and tweeted that she was ok after battling the elements.

Since then the video clip has been viewed more than 120 000 times.

UPDATE: It has been alleged that this is video is in fact a hoax. Either way, we feel it is entertaining to watch!

Source: The Journal