WATCH: Suspected car jammer steals from vehicle in under a minute

Suspected car jammer caught on camera

Suspected car jammer caught on camera:

Last week (1 September 2016) a man who is believed to be a car jamming suspect was caught on camera outside a shop in Witpootjie.

The video shows the man in a blue shirt walking towards the CCTV camera and then quickly turns around to face a white Mercedes van parked on the other side of the parking area.

He is then seen taking something out of his pocket before walking towards the van. It is believed that the item he removed from his pocket was the remote device used to unlock the van.

The man then approaches the van, opens the door and removes a handbag and house keys before walking off.

Car jamming has become a trend in many part of South Africa and with more and more motorists falling victim to these incidents, it’s important to take the necessary precautions when walking away from your car.

Our very own WOW editor, Juliet Mcguire became a victim of car jamming earlier this year and suggests a few tips to prevent yourself from falling prey to a suspect:

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