The Lexus Hoverboard! It's actually real!

The hoverboard can even glide over water!

It’s not an optical illusion and not filmed using wires to suspend the hoverboard, it’s actually real! I wonder when Lexus will release this to the public!

The hoverboard can even glide over water, supporting the full weight of a man!

While this is not a fake and what you see in the video is actually happening – it’s only possible in that specific park. (Or other areas specifically created for it.)

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This is because underground, beneath the park – Lexus have installed powerful magnets. These magnets push the hoverboard away, allowing the hoverboard to float above ground.

“When you cool certain materials to extremely low temperatures, in this case -197°C, they become ‘superconductive’. If you position them near a magnet during the cooling process, they oust the magnetic field and effectively remember their position relative to the magnet.

In other words, the superconductor memorises a set gap and – so long as it stays cold – could ‘levitate’ there forever. This is actually a bit different to maglev train tech, which relies on electromagnets for lift and propulsion, but you get the idea.”

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Unfortunately the hoverboard wouldn’t work everywhere, if Lexus were to release these to the public, they’d have to install powerful magnets in parks or areas specifically designed for these boards.

Lexus Hoverboard - going over ramp over car

“On one level it’s a bit of Lexus brand drama to demonstrate the company’s philosophy of “making impossible possible”. The video will be shown around the world on various channels, and cool kids will think it’s super. Whether that translates into anything meaningful in car showrooms is arguable, but who cares, because they’ve just built a bloody hoverboard.”

And It’s still pretty cool!

Source: BBC Auto