Uber driver attack caught on dash cam


We so often hear reports of people being assaulted by taxi drivers. But it isn’t often that we hear stories from the drivers themselves. This incident shows what some drivers have to deal with.

Uber driver Edward Caban tried to exercise his right of refusing to drive an inebriated customer by asking a drunk Benjamin Golden to exit his car. Golden launched at Caban but it was Caban who came out on tops. Not only did he pepper spray Golden but the whole incident was caught on camera.

“I don’t feel like he would have stopped if I didn’t spray him. The way that he was coming at me, I was afraid he was going to start strangling me,” Mr Caban said.

Golden, 32, was fired from his marketing executive position at Taco Bell after he was charged.

“Given the behaviour of the individual, it is clear he can no longer work for us,” Taco Bell said in a statement