Vanessa Haywood-Sandes gets out and about with the Renault Kadjar

“The sexiest car I’ve seen in ages!”

Actress, sports fanatic and business woman, Vanessa Haywood-Sandes is a few days away from her baby’s due date yet she’s still zipping around Cape Town and keeping busy!

She describes herself as “farm-bred, alien ‘movie star’, and athlete wanna-be”.

We caught up with Vanessa who tried out her new baby seat in the Renault Kadjar to see just how compact yet spacious it is.

To test its boot space, Vanessa headed to the shops to stock up on supplies and food for DARG.

More about the Renault Kadjar

Vanessa drove the Renault Kadjar EDC (auto).

The Renault’s Kadjar SUV crossover was introduced to the South African market in April this year (2016).  Just three months later, new diesel power and auto transmission options were added to the range.

The Kadjar Dynamic 4×2 model range now features Renault-developed EDC transmissions as well as the globally acclaimed and proven 1.5 dCi 81 kW turbo diesel engine.

The Kadjar has received some great reviews since its April launch, despite tough economic conditions.

The Kadjar range now includes a line-up of six variants:

96kW Turbo Expression: R364 900

96kW Turbo Dynamique: R389 900

1,5 dCi (81kW) Dynamique: R394 900

96kW Turbo Dynamique EDC: R399 900

1,5 dCi (81kW) Dynamique EDC: R414 900

96kW 1,6 dCi Dynamique 4X4: R454 900

Efficient Duel Clutch (EDC) 

Renault’s EDC gearbox results in fuel reductions of up to 17% in fuel consumption and up to 30g/km in CO2 emissions and a decrease in engine noise.

Renault has chosen a twin-plate dry clutch system for its EDC transmission to pair with the 1.5 dCi turbo diesel engine powering the new Kadjar 6-speed auto.

“The first of the two clutches looks after the odd-number gears (1st, 3rd and 5th), while the seconds covers the even number gears (2nd, 4th and 6th), as well as reverse,” says Renault SA.

“The gears are carried by four shafts: two concentric primary shafts (each of which is connected to a clutch) and two secondary shafts. Gears are matched by means of synchronizers, as in the case with a manual gearbox. These synchronizers like the clutches, are operated by electric actuators which in turn are controlled by a control level.”

Watch the video to find out why Vanessa Haywood thinks the Kadjar is the perfect family car for her.