This video shows why women 'fail at driving'...apparently!

Is this video sexist or do you agree with the sentiment?

Just a few days ago, WOW decided to dismantle the myth that women are ‘bad drivers‘, which brought us to the conclusion that men are actually involved in a lot more car accidents than women. According to a traffic study, 80% of all car accidents that kill or seriously injure pedestrians involve male drivers. According to a study by Quality Planning, an insurance statistics company, female drivers were also 27% less likely to be found at fault when involved in an accident. These statistics tend to hold true no matter where you look.

However, this video with the title ‘Woman Driving Fail’ shows a compilation of bad driving clips where women were the drivers. Yet, we can’t imagine that a few instances of women driving badly can ‘prove’ that all of the female race are ‘bad drivers’. What do you think? Is this utterly sexist or do you agree with the sentiment portrayed in this video?