WATCH: Devastating footage of JHB floods

Floods in Johannesburg following heavy rainfall

Flash floods can wreak havoc when they occur and this week was no exception when water flooded the streets and buildings of Johannesburg.

Today, the AA issued a strong warning for all motorists to take caution and to use the rules of the road when travelling through flooded areas.

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β€œOn days when the weather is heavy, motorists should listen to local radio traffic reports, monitor social media, and check online websites for advisories and cautions. If roads on your normal route are flooded, avoid them and seek alternatives, even if it means you will take a lot longer to get to your destination,” the AA advised.

This video clip shows just how hectic things can get and why it’s so important to exercise extreme caution and to rather avoid flooded areas, even if it means that you’ll only reach your destination much later on.

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