WATCH: Hippo starts biting Land Rover while lions attack

“The poor old hippo didn’t stand much chance against the lion pride”

A video of a hippo biting a Land Rover while being attacked by lions went viral after it was posted on YouTube last year November, with over 2 million views.

While on a family holiday in the Kruger National Park, 25 year old Dean Grant came across this rare sighting.

“We saw the attack quite early in the morning. We had driven into the park from Mjejane as soon as the gates were open. We decided to go west along the river to start our drive. All our eyes were peeled, we were feeling fresh and excited searching the bush in anticipation, not knowing what our first big spot of the day would be. We were really hoping to see some cats as we had yet to tick those off our lists. We hardly expected to see a pride of 8 females and some teenage cubs in full attack mode right in front of us.
The initial sighting of the lions, full of energy, sparked excitement. This was followed by a feeling of sorrow for the poor old hippo who didn’t stand much chance against the lion pride,” said Dean.

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Source: Kruger Sightings via Youtube