WATCH: Window washers attack motorist at intersection

“I didn’t see the guy behind me who stabbed me three times in the head with a screwdriver”

We’ve all come across the car window washers at intersections and sometimes their persisting and often forceful efforts to get you to agree to having your windows washed can be extremely aggravating.

Say “no thanks” to one of them and you’ll either be sworn at or you’ll end up having your windows washed anyway (with dirty water).

Some suspect this might have been the case with this particular motorist’s encounter, before these intimidating window washers launched into a physical attack on him at a well-known intersection in JHB.

According to reports the man had said on social media that he was ‘lucky to be alive’ after one of the window washers stabbed him in the head three times with a screw driver.

There hasn’t been any further information about how things started and why it led to this, but you’ll probably agree that these guys took it too far and something should be done.

Video via Youtube