This graphic ad will make you wear a seatbelt this Easter!

“Buckle up, and #BeTheChange you want to see on South Africa’s roads.”

WARNING: Graphic content not for sensitive viewers

A rather graphic new advert showing the importance of seatbelt safety has been doing the rounds on the Internet and Social Media.

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With the Easter weekend just ahead of us many of us will be getting in and out of vehicles, but how many of us realise just how important it is to buckle up?

No seatbelt, no excuse

The slogan, NO SEATBELT, NO EXCUSE appears at the end of the advert telling a sad but important story about a couple who jump in the back of a friend’s car to travel to their next destination.

All the passengers buckle up while one neglects to and rather focuses on getting to know his new partner as the driver heads off with them.

The first kiss

What happens next is predictable but the video shows just what happens if you’re in an accident without a seatbelt.

Social media comments ranged from, “I agree with wearing a seatbelt, but not with this. There is nothing to say this would or could happen!” to, “I hope this ad will bring us a step closer to reducing mortality on our roads, especial during the Easter period. Way too many lives on the road are being cut short prematurely.”