We wish this lighting system was standard on all cars

We would certainly see less accidents on our roads

Last week I attended the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class launch and the thing that stood out for me was its Multibeam LED lighting system. I know this might sound rather strange given the mass of technology you find in this car, but lighting is a huge issue for me.

I have no problems with my eye sight, I don’t require glasses or contact lenses, yet, when I drive at night I tend to second guess the position of oncoming cars. It can look as if the oncoming car is in my lane and it just freaks me out. Then there is the brights issue. I am a considerate driver, I also care about my own safety, therefore I will dim my brights before it affects the other drivers around me. I wish everyone else was as considerate.

If every car on our roads had Mercedes-Benz’ lighting system we would certainly see less accidents on our roads at night.

The Opel Astra has a similar lighting system albeit less advanced, but I am so glad to see it on the non-premium cars out there and hopefully it will start to feature on all models.