Woman hijacked with two year old in car caught on camera

Blairgowrie hijacking caught on CCTV

Just yesterday we published safety tips for if you find yourself in a hijacking. And just before that we posted a dashcam video of a hijacking that occurred in Joburg. Now, we bring you a terrifying video of a woman who was hijacked as she was strapping her two-year old granddaughter in to her car seat.

ENCA reported on the video:

“A recent CCTV footage clip showing a hijacking in broad daylight has Randburg’s quiet suburb of Blairgowrie on edge.

A woman was picking up her granddaughter on Nielson Drive just after 9am on Monday to take her to play at the park. But while she was strapping the two-year-old girl into the back car seat, two armed men approached her.

According to reports, they put a gun to the woman’s head and demanded her car and valuables.

Luckily, the woman reacted calmly and used the car keys as a bargaining chip to get her granddaughter out of the car safely before the hijackers drove off.”