Are these the worst brothers ever?

Convincing your medicated sister of a zombie apocalypse

If you are a fan of the likes of ‘The Walking Dead’ or anything that involves a zombie apocalypse you will really appreciate the prank these brothers play on their poor little sister.

It takes me back to when my brother used to play all kinds of mean pranks on me and as much as it makes me giggle watching this video, I also feel her pain! Especially as the poor girl was high on medication after having her wisdom teeth removed.

Millicent Phillips looks so confused when a fake radio alert plays in the car informing people of a viral outbreak characterised by “high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism”. Her brothers go in to ‘panic’ mode and start giving her things to help her defend herself and asking her questions such as, “We can only take one pet – the car or the dog?” Her response is hilarious. And a little sad for the dog.

This video will give you a good chuckle and hopefully inspire you to come up with an epic prank! If you have managed to  pull one off, let us know!


Source: Hollywoodlife