You won't believe what BMW's new laser headlight system can do!

Take a drive in to the future!

BMW’s new laser headlight system will make you feel like taking a drive in the dark is like taking a trip to the future!

The BMW Laser-light system will automatically boost to high-beam range when travelling faster than 70km/h, lighting up to 1200m in front of you (600m without the high-beams).

The BMW Selective Beam System will automatically exclude other drivers from its path, while maintaining its high-beam range. This provides superb visibility with no impact on other drivers’ vision.

The system also features infra-red recognition, which will detect any pedestrians or animals up to 100m away. If detected – the Laser-light system will automatically illuminate them, letting the driver know well in advance.

The camera system detects narrow passages far ahead and then marks the exact width of the vehicle, indicating if you can pass through or not.

The system gathers GPS and weather information in advance in order to ensure the best possible visibility while driving. The system will then preemptively light up corners before you turn, using this information.

This amazing lighting system is available for the newly released electric vehicle – BMW’s i8 model.